Hanford School

Hanford School

Hanford School is a iaps for girls aged 7 to 13 in Dorset. Girls at Hanford enjoy a country life in a relaxed family atmosphere and at the same time maintain a standard of work that will enable them to fulfil their own potential.

Hanford girls climb trees, ride before breakfast, make their own clothes and develop free spirits. We want our girls to have fun and lots of it, but we also expect them to work hard. We believe this traditional approach explains why, for a small school, Hanford achieves excellent academic results with many of our girls winning scholarships to their senior school. We also have high expectations musically and artistically and that too is reflected in the large number of awards every year. We believe that the girls who come to Hanford should always be allowed to be children and to enjoy the natural life and play of a child. They should be allowed to mature in their own time and as individuals in their own right, learning how to live with other children. There is always time for play and for free imagination, which enables them to make friends and keep them. Our aim is that by the time they leave Hanford our girls will have learned to work independently without continual pressure and supervision, and will have recognized within themselves the desire and ability to achieve.

School Information

D B Girls 7 -13

Head: Mr Rory Johnston
Child Okeford, Blandford, Dorset, DT11 8HL
01258 860219

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