Some IAPS schools are traditional full boarding schools, while others offer a flexible approach to weekly and nightly boarding options. 

We promote modern boarding as a positive lifestyle option for families. Working parents can rest assured that their children are well cared for in a sociable and secure environment where activity and outdoor play are encouraged over television and computer games. Children need not spend hours in the car for the daily commute to school and often choose to board so that they can be with their friends in an environment that feels like a home from home.

It is recommended that all international students studying at UK boarding schools have an Educational Guardian who will act as the parents’ representative. The prospect of sending a child to study overseas can be a very daunting prospect for parents, especially arranging a suitable guardian. AEGIS (Associate for the Education and Guardianship of international Students) accredits UK Guardianship Organisations through their rigorous inspection process and ensures that quality guardianship is provided.