Some of the questions we are frequently asked (this is a constantly updated page, please e-mail [email protected] should you have any queries)

When do you run your events?

Team sports are run in the terms schools traditionally play them.

To see a breakdown of when each sport takes place, and which age groups they are run for, please see the document below. **Please note an x marks that this event takes place for that sport and age group**


How do I book an event?

  • Any teacher from a school can book an event.
  • They must be registered on our website before doing so.
  • To log in/register for an account please click here and either complete the log in process or click the green register now button on the right-hand side.
  • Parents cannot book their individual children onto an event.

Who is eligible for these events?

  • Please refer to our eligibility criteria for full guidance.
  • Any IAPS member school is eligible.
  • For team sports (hockey, netball, football, rugby & cricket), schools can only enter 1 team per age group.
  • For individual sports the entry restrictions vary, please see the individual sports pages for further information.

What happens if I need to cancel a booking?

If you cancel a booking up to and including 14 days after the entry deadline date, a full refund will be given.

If you cancel a booking after 14 days of the entry deadline date, there will be no refunds granted.

Booking deadline dates are given on our website.

**No refunds will be given if a school pulls out of attending a final.**

Please refer to our  booking terms and conditions to see our cancellation policy.

Who wins what at the events?

  • Medals/trophies/cups are awarded at most events.
    • For our team sports which have qualifying rounds and finals (hockey, netball and football) medals are awarded as below:
      • Qualifiers
        • 1st - 3rd place in the cup competition will receive a medal
        • 1st - 3rd place in the plate and bowl competitions will receive a certificate
      • Finals
        • 1st - 3rd place in the cup, plate and bowl will receive a medal
      • Participation certificates
        • A certificate is available for schools to download and issue to competitors here

When will I receive information about my event(s)?

  • After the event has closed, IAPS will make the draw and share with the organiser.
  • The draw will be sent to schools approximately 1 month before the event.
  • The programme and event day information will be sent to schools, by the hosts, approximately 1 week before the event.

Who hosts your events?

All of our events are hosted and ran by schools and their staff.

The bookings, draws and pre-event management is handled by the IAPS sports team.

If you would like to find out more information about hosting an event please click here to complete our enquiry form.

Providing an umpire


Schools must provide a competent and confident umpire.


At all finals, where possible, neutral umpires will be provided. Schools should be prepared to provide an umpire for the finals.

Why don't you make schools attend their regional events?

IAPS sports events are designed to enable as many schools as possible to participate in them. These events wouldn’t be able to take place without our incredible hosts who give up their time, staff and facilities to allow these events to take place. Due to this, there is a careful balance between when events are hosted, including the day of the week they are on. Our hosts have to choose a date which fits into their already busy school calendar and therefore we have to allow our member schools to chose which events they attend depending on the day of the week they are running.

Why don’t you run competitions for B/C/D teams?

IAPS events are often seen as the flagship event in a member school sporting calendar. However, the primary aim is to create events where schools can experience playing different schools and several games during the day. We have different types of events with competitions for small schools, festivals in certain sports and championships with qualifying events leading to a final.

The IAPS sports programme encompasses 170+ events across 22 sports and is run by three people at IAPS HQ. There is nothing stopping schools from running these sorts of events at a local level and we can provide templates to help with the logistical elements of putting such an event on.